Final Paper Submission Guidelines for ICCAS 2010.

1. Please prepare the final camera-ready paper using the following paper formatting guidelines and templates.

The size of the manuscript must be A4 and it should be typed in two columns with single spacing. The number of pages allowed is between 4 and 6 pages without extra charge.
Only Industrial Papers will be accepted 2 pages.

A maximum of two (2) additional pages is permitted at an extra charge (USD 100 per page) The size of PDF file to be sent electronically should not exceed two megabytes (2 MB), regardless of the number of pages.

2. Submitted papers MUST BE in Portable Document Format (PDF). NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Please, read the PDF generation guidelines using IEEE eXpress regarding the IEEE Xplore compliance and generate the PDF file. Since the papers will be archived in the IEEE Xplore system, your file should be compliant with the IEEE Xplore system.

You should also submit the PDF eXpress compliance E-mail (received by the IEEE PDF eXpress server after your PDF passes the check) that verifies that your paper is compliant as a *.txt file.

A sample compliance email is: Sample Compliance Email.jpg

To access IEEE PDF eXpress, go to with Conference ID: iccas10x


New Users : Click Here

3. Submit electronically the PDF file using the earlier generated paper No. at along with the Compliance email. If you converted your source file to IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file with IEEE eXpress, check again the compatibility with IEEE eXpress and receive the Compliance email which confirms that your PDF file is compliant with IEEE Xplore.

4. Apart from the final manuscript in PDF form, confirm your title, authors information, and an abstract for the digest book in plain text form.

5. The copyright of the final paper included in the E-Proceedings belongs to the Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS) of Korea.

Extended Abstract Guidelines

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for review and presentation. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed.

Rules for Preparation and Submission of Abstract

  • April 30, 2010 : Submission of organized session proposal
  • May 14, 2010 : Submission of extended abstracts
  • June 15, 2010 : Notification of paper acceptance
  • August 6, 2010 : Submission of final camera-ready papers Extended!!

  • * All abstracts must be submitted electronically (on-line).
    * Abstract must be written in English.
    * All presenters must log in to upload papers.
    * Only PDF files are acceptable.
    * The total length of the Extended Abstract should not exceed 2 pages.

    Typing Instruction
       • Fonts: Times New Roman
    1. Page Layout
      - Paper size : A4 - 21.0cm×29.7cm (8.26 in. × 11.6 in.)
      - Margins: Left 20 mm / Right 20 mm / Top 25 mm / Bottom 25 mm
    2. Title of Abstract: 12pt/Center/Bold
    3. Authors
      - Presenting Author1 and Another Author2: 11pt /Center
    4. Affiliation
      - 1Your Department, Affiliation, City, Country and 2Another Department, Affiliation, City, Country: 10pt/Center
    5. Abstract: It is recommended that your abstract contains 150~200 words.
    6. Keywords: Selected keywords relevant to the subject.
    7. Main text: Two-Column Format (Column width 80 mm)
      - The top-level heading: 11pt/Center/Bold
      - The lever-two heading: 10pt//Left/Bold
    8. Tables / Figures
      10pt/Center/Numbered (e.g. Table 1. or Figure 1.)
    9. References: 10pt
    R. C. Baker and B. Charlie, "Nonlinear unstable systems," International Journal of Control, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 123-145, 189.
    [Download Style File]